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No pause button for these guys.

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I call heads.

I call heads.

First off, sorry it’s taken so long for a new posting- I know it’s been torture having to wait for another one of my dumb blogs. Or not. Anyways, I’ve been really busy what with work, the baby, and liberating the Capital Wasteland from armies of Raiders and Super Mutants. In case you have a life, that final activity takes place in the world of Fallout 3, a video game that has dominated my existence for the past few months. Yes, I am a giant video game nerd. And today I got to bring my nerdiness to work- thank the geeky gods above! Continue reading


Well, shut my mouth!

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Photo 1If a tree falls in the woods, and no one hears it, does it make a sound? Actually, forget about the tree. Here is a more relevant question: if a TV blabbermouth loses his ability to blabber, is he worth a dime? The answer is, of course, an emphatic no. Continue reading

He’s King of the World! Or at least, King of the Camera.

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titanicAs a Leonardo Dicaprio lookalike, it was only natural that I experience the legendary Titanic in person. I recently braved the hordes of screaming girls to— why are you laughing? OK, I may have been stretching the truth a bit, but this is no joke: history’s most infamous iceberg nearly sank one of our Good Day Oregon crew members before he was even born. Continue reading

I can’t believe he ate the whole thing!

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Burritosaurus Rex in its natural habitat.

Burritosaurus Rex in its natural habitat.

This morning I witnessed a feat of true super-human strength. Live on Good Day Oregon, a young man named Sy ate a five-pound burrito in about twenty minutes. Check please! Continue reading