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Joe on Joe

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Ninjas + Guns= Cool.

Ninjas + Guns= Cool.

I never thought it could be done. Ladies and Gentleman, Stephen Sommers has made the Citizen Kane of all Sci-Fi/Military/Ninja Movies that was based on a comic book that was based on a toy. Yooooo Joe! Continue reading


My ride on the killer elephant

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P1020516The picture you see is from a recent trip to my family’s ancestral homeland of India. At the time I had no idea that I was riding an elephant who would eventually become an infamous killer, forever linked to that nation’s biggest movie star. Continue reading

“This is our Twilight”

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GIJOE-gi-joe-3968079-800-600In a summer of wizards, giant robots and bachelor parties from hell, no movie has me more excited than a cheesy mix of sci-fi, ninja swords and Sienna Miller in black leather. When asked by a co-worker why he was excited about the new G.I. Joe movie, Good Day Oregon executive producer (and fellow Joe junkie) Brian Van Kleef responded simply and sagely: “This is our Twilight.” Continue reading