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That’s a No Go G.O.

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Oh no he didn't!

I like Greg Oden. He has always struck me as a very nice, affable young man. Unfortunately, he must be destroyed. Continue reading


Royal Fumble

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Stone Cold and I in happier times.

For most of my life, I was a pro wrestling fan. I cheered everyone from the Macho Man to the Nature Boy to The Rock. When I got into TV news, I had a chance to interview some of wrestling’s biggest names: from Stone Cold to the Heartbreak Kid. It was always a thrill, and the wrestlers were (for the most part) really good guys who were fun to be around. And even though I’m a lapsed fan of World Wrestling Entertainment (I’m 33 which these days is a dinosaur for a WWE fan), I still respect and admire the talented performers who entertain audiences around the world. Unfortunately, after today, I have decided that I will never EVER work with the WWE again. Continue reading

And the Oscar goes to… ahh, who cares?

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OK, so the Oscars are next week, and the movie world is buzzing about what film will take home the top prize. Despite the ridiculous decision to have ten best picture nominees, it looks like a two picture race between The Hurt Locker and Avatar. I don’t have a rooting interest. I liked both flicks- didn’t love them- but I liked them.
Of course it doesn’t really matter. Twenty years from now, folks will still be talking about one of these movies, and it ain’t set in Iraq. Which once again proves the relative irrelevance of the Academy Awards. Continue reading