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Boss, Mentor, Friend.

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The man who gave me a career, and ultimately, a family.

It’s amazing how a complete stranger can transform your life. In 2002, I was a working schlub at the NBC affiliate in Yakima, WA. For three years, I had worked as a “one-man-band” reporter- shooting my own video, covering minor house fires and getting paid peanuts for the privilege. With a few exceptions, I was covering stories that I didn’t find interesting and playing the part of the “serious-and-here-to-scare-the-pants-off-you news guy”. In short, I was working in TV, but forced to act like someone that I was not. That all changed the day I came home to find the baritone voice of Greg Koelfgen on my answering machine. Continue reading


Mmm… Doughnut Face…

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I’ve been on Good Day Oregon for just over four years now, and I can say that I have officially arrived. It’s not every day that you get immortalized in maple by two of the northwest’s most revered jelly-filled geniuses. Continue reading