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The Family Business

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See the smokin' blonde on the far left? That's mine.

Because this blog is posted on, there are certain ground rules I must follow. Obviously, I would never use this forum to praise shows on other TV stations– my bosses probably wouldn’t like that. However, I see nothing wrong with praising shows that used to be on other TV stations. Especially when said programming features the most talented (and hottest) woman I have ever worked with. It doesn’t hurt that she’s also my wife. Continue reading


How I spent my Summer Vacation

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For the V family, a highlight of every summer is our annual vacation with my friend Paul and his daughter Madelen. This year we had a blast in Florence, OR- especially when we went on a (very bumpy) dune buggy tour of the nearby dunes. This video shows us as we go down a rather steep 40 or 50 foot drop. Because all sand looks the same, the camera doesn’t properly convey how perilous this drop was (in other words a giant hill looks like a flat surface). But trust me, it was terrifying- at least for me and my four-year-old.