Hello Net- long time no see!

Hey everyone- Please excuse the tumbleweeds that have been blowing through this dusty old blog. Yes, it has been almost half a year since my last posting and if there were a Blog Protective Services, this baby would have been snatched away from me months ago. But I swear, your honor- I have an excuse!

Anyways, this deadbeat blogger decided to check the old site today when I had some (rare) downtime at work. Imagine my surprise to see that people were still checking out the page and reading my ramblings from months gone by. Unfortunately, I don’t have a ton of new content to offer you today, but I did want to give an update as to why there has been radio silence on this page (or web silence or whatever the internet equivalent is).

You see, I decided earlier this year to take on a new challenge. I’m writing a book. It will be available in 2014 and no, I’m not going to tell you what it’s about. I will say that the book’s subject is mentioned in some of my past blog postings. So, feel free to go through this page with a fine-tooth comb and search for clues. 

I have always enjoyed writing, but I will say that this has been an experience unlike any I have encountered in my almost 15 years of reporting. I have spent so much time cranking out chapters that I have neglected some of my other interests like the blog you are reading right now. I think the finished product will be worth it- it won’t be a book that is of interest to everybody, but it is definitely a title that I (and a select audience) would want to read. When it is published and I’m done hawking the darn thing I promise to get back to a healthy dose of bloggin’.

So, since it will be awhile until I get back to sharing my useless opinions, here’s 2013 in a nutshell: my favorite movie was Gravity, my favorite TV show was Veep and my favorite news assignment was a tie between riding the Jetovator and dressing like Ron Burgundy .

Thanks for checking in and we’ll do it again soon.

You stay classy Portland! 


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