OK, I’m back

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I guess it’s finally time to end my personal blog drought. I haven’t posted anything for months and months. Why have I been slacking? Well, parenthood and work take up a good chunk of my time. Add in other personal stuff and my overall laziness and you have your answer. My apologies to the people who have been checking my page the past few months. Seriously, I checked my readership numbers and people have still been going to this blog every day. I’m not sure what they were looking for, but whatever it is, the expiration date passed a long time ago.

Anyways, I’ll try not to slack like this again. But I probably will.



A Giant Talent

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Oregonians were always glad that he was on their TV… and not in front of their homes. For almost a decade, Mark Glyzewski was the “man on the scene” for Good Day Oregon. If he was in your neighborhood, Mark could be covering anything from a stabbing to a shooting to a snowstorm. There were so many tough stories that he handled with professionalism and integrity. But here’s some really tough news for the GDO family: our gentle giant is saying goodbye. Continue reading

The Family Business

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See the smokin' blonde on the far left? That's mine.

Because this blog is posted on kptv.com, there are certain ground rules I must follow. Obviously, I would never use this forum to praise shows on other TV stations– my bosses probably wouldn’t like that. However, I see nothing wrong with praising shows that used to be on other TV stations. Especially when said programming features the most talented (and hottest) woman I have ever worked with. It doesn’t hurt that she’s also my wife. Continue reading

How I spent my Summer Vacation

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For the V family, a highlight of every summer is our annual vacation with my friend Paul and his daughter Madelen. This year we had a blast in Florence, OR- especially when we went on a (very bumpy) dune buggy tour of the nearby dunes. This video shows us as we go down a rather steep 40 or 50 foot drop. Because all sand looks the same, the camera doesn’t properly convey how perilous this drop was (in other words a giant hill looks like a flat surface). But trust me, it was terrifying- at least for me and my four-year-old.

Nuthin But a V Thang

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I love Barbecue. I love Hip Hop. So, it’s only natural that I perform a hip-hop song about barbecue on live television, right? And best of all, I did so while paying homage to “The Doggfather” of rap.
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Geekin’ for Green

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This is the moment so many comic nerds (myself included) have waited for. In less than 24 hours a cocky flyboy will receive a magic ring, meet some little blue men and save the universe. Green Lantern is finally here. Continue reading

Gee, Frodo- we’re not in Middle Earth anymore.

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Tyrion Lannister- Four feet and five inches of awesome.

2011 is going to be awesome for both nerds and movie lovers alike. I am both by the way. Seriously, have you seen this summer’s lineup? Green Lantern, Captain America… friggin’ Thor? However, one of 2011’s most anticipated print-to-film translations is coming to the small screen. The network that brought you Tony Soprano and Lucius Vorenus will soon be home to a cast of Kingslayers and direwolves.
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