Greetings one and all! For those of you that have stumbled upon this page by accident (I’m guessing that’s most of you), I’m Joe Vithayathil, aka Joe V., feature reporter for Good Day Oregon on Fox 12 KPTV. We started this blog to offer some “added content” for our loyal viewers. You know, because 4 and a half hours of TV isn’t nearly enough. Here I’ll write about the unique destinations I highlight on GDO, and give you a behind-the-scenes look at the TV news biz. Also, because it’s my blog (my blog. mine, mine, mine!)  I’ll occasionally write about some of my personal interests like movies, video games- you know, nerd stuff. I hope you enjoy your visit. If not, remember this isn’t costing you a dime so lighten up.

Your friendly neighborhood reporter,

Joe V

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